A celebration of Innovation, Arts & Sustainability


The drastic climate changes observed around the world need solutions that can save our planet. Coming from a small-island nation that is at high-risk of being swallowed by the ocean, we strongly believe in investing in technological advancements that are more sustainable, especially towards the environment.

Thus, we bring you FENN - the dhivehi name for water, appropriately named to represent one of the biggest natural resources on Earth; essential for our survival and sustainable technology.

April 9 - 15th, 2021
Dhaalu Atoll, Maldives


FENN’s mission is simple: To collectively work towards achieving an ecosystem that delivers on the promise of decentralisation, circular economies, and financial independence in the near future - a solution to some of the most pressing challenges of today:

The Climate Crisis

90% of the world’s largest cities are situated on the waterfront. By 2050, over 570 low-lying coastal cities will face projected sea level rise.

Access to Natural Resources

2.2 billion people around the world do not have safely managed drinking water services.

Increasing Socioeconomic Inequality

There are over 1 billion people globally who lack proof of identity and over 1.7 billion people who are unbanked or underserved.

What is


FENN is a conference and festival taking place during April 2021 in the Republic of Maldives. Join great minds; from scientists to artists, as they share their ideas for a brighter future by exploring how design, technology and our lifestyles can contribute positively towards achieving our collective global goals.

Find Inspiration

Featuring eight categories or as we like to call them - tracks, FENN attendees will have the opportunity to actively participate in discussions led by pioneering individuals in the industry as they explore the future of sustainable technology. Walk around barefoot from one track event to the other, network with like-minded people, all the while feeling relaxed and easy.










Experience an event like never before. Six nights on an island surrounded by azure waters and white sandy beaches; spend your days brainstorming and connecting, socializing at luncheons and dinners, at parties, yacht crawls and more importantly, basking under the sun in your spare time. If you ever thought of teleporting from your work desk on to a beach chair under the palm trees, FENN 2021 will make those dreams come true for you.




TradeSpace is a platform for innovative startups and organizations to exhibit their products and services. There is space for everybody; whether you work in design, media, technology, food, education or health industry.


MarkePlace lets brands of all sizes sell their products to a global audience. You can be in food, fashion, tourism, sports, arts and still find the right customers for your business at FENN.


ArtStudio is the place for talented artists to showcase and sell their art. We welcome local and global painters, sculptors, fashion designers and photographers to display their work at the ArtStudio.


TechZone gives techies a familiar atmosphere to network, learn, play and explore. Featuring competitions, hackathons, workshops, sessions, awards and experiences designed with science and technology in mind.


Immersion is where FENN exhibits entertainment and media experiences. We invite creators and producers to showcase their music, film, visual arts and immersive VR/AR/MR experiences to our attendees.


We have designed a unique environment for the attendees to make their time at FENN unforgettable. Waking up to the sound of the ocean, doing yoga by the beach, walking barefoot, is just part of the experience.